Student Leadership

Student Organizations
Nursing students are encouraged to join nursing and professional organizations while enrolled in the nursing program! Being involved looks great on applications and resumes.

Please contact Derek Holbrook ( to learn more about available student organizations.

Nursing Student Council
Nursing Student Council aims to enhance student life, promote collaboration, and provide students the voice they deserve. Independently and in collaboration with various school groups: it initiates, sponsors and directs school events, activities, campaigns and programs from the student perspective. As the elected student leadership of the school, it works to represent the concerns and opinions of the student body to the school and to school administration. Nursing Student Council is comprised of members of all university sponsored organizations.

Committee Student Representatives
Students are asked to provide voices on several Nursing and UT Health faculty and student committees. These representatives sever as advocates for the entire student body on matters such as: undergraduate and graduate academic policies, admissions policies, simulation policies, student service policies, and etc.

Please contact Derek Holbrook ( to learn more or meet your student representatives.

Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions allow students to study in a supportive group environment. Sessions are peer-led and facilitated by current students who have mastered the course and have been trained to utilize interactive learning strategies. Regularly scheduled SI gives students the opportunities to discuss readings, develop organizational tools, compare notes, and learn to study strategically. Only available to BSN students.

Personal Tutoring
Personal tutoring is available by appointment at the School of Nursing and other locations on campus. Tutors assist students with subject knowledge and help develop academic skills and strategies. Only available to BSN students.

Peer Mentoring
The School of Nursing Peer Mentor position is a unique opportunity to welcome and support the transition of fifth (1st) semester nursing students in the UTHSCSA community. Peer mentors work with new students and educate them on campus resources, academic support, and co-curricular activities. Mentors play an active role during new student orientation and throughout the first semester as new students are full of questions and face new challenges for the first time. Peer Mentors are expected to support the Student Success Center in developing a sense of community and supporting the needs of new nursing students.