Meet our Staff

Photo of Vanessa Bográn Meling Vanessa Bográn Meling
Assistant Dean for Student Success | Phone: 210-567-5851

Education: Ed.D. Educational Leadership (Texas A&M University - Kingsville); M.B.A. Business Administration (University of Texas at Tyler); B.S. Business Administration (LeTourneau University)  
Areas of Specialty: Center and Grant Administration, Family Engagement, Supplemental Instruction
Staff Bio: Vanessa was born and raised in California but has called the lone star state 'home' for over 20 years. She loves higher education and believes that all students have the potential to succeed. These are a few of Vanessa's favorite things: Painting, decorating, refinishing furniture at home, running half marathons, and perusing on her phone; watching reality TV, giggles from her son, family gatherings, and laughter with her loved one.
Success Advice for Nursing Students: Never be afraid to ask for help! Successful nursing students take the time to evaluate their knowledge, skills, and strategies and seek resources to become better students. Take advantage of all of the resources and support available to you.   
Favorite quote: "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. " – Arthur Ashe

Photo of Derek Anthony Holbrook Derek Anthony Holbrook
Student Services Coordinator | Phone: 210-567-5855

Education: M.Ed. Higher Education Administration – Student Leadership & Development (Angelo State); B.A. Communications (Texas A&M University)
Areas of Specialty: New Student Orientation, Scholarship Administration, Peer Mentoring, Career Development, Student Leadership, and Commencement
Staff Bio: How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice! (pause for laughter)
Howdy! When Derek is not helping students, he enjoys trips to sonic for happy hour and being outside. Growing up in Kerrville, Texas taught him two things: first, cow tipping is real and second, don't ever go snipe hunting with your so-called friends. If he could be anywhere right now, he'd be ringside watching Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed in an epic 15 round boxing match. Welcome to the School of Nursing!
Success Advice for Nursing Students: Ensure that you have a great school and life balance. Nursing School should be a major priority in your life but it should not be your only priority. Treat yourself well and nursing school will be that much more enjoyable!
Favorite quote: "The expert at anything was once a beginner." – Helen Hayes

Photo of DCody Keith Chumbley Cody Keith Chumbley
Academic Success Coach/Research Assistant | Phone: 210-450-8236

Education: M.A. Applied Philosophy & Ethics (Texas State University); B.B.A. Marketing & Management (Texas A&M University)
Areas of Specialty: Academic Coaching, Personal Tutoring, Research Assistant
Staff Bio:  When not helping students reach their goals, you will find Cody enjoying sports of all kinds.  Cody's especially into English Soccer where he cheers on Arsenal FC and enjoys watching Fightin' Texas Aggie Football on Saturdays. Cody has been told he is funny and can occasionally make some good food.  In his opinion, The Mighty Ducks is the greatest movie ever made…there is no debating it.
Success Advice for Nursing Students: Remember that you are here to become nurses, not professional students.  View your success not in the scores on your exams, but in your ability to comprehend, replicate, and apply what you learn.
Favorite Quote: "Life is understood backwards, but must be lived forwards." – Søren Kierkegaard

PPhoto of Rose Marie Padilla Lauren Elizabeth Loper
Academic Success Coach | Phone: 210-567-5892

Education:  M.Ed. Student Affairs in Higher Education (Texas State University; B.S. Communication Studies- Human Relations & B.A. Government (The University of Texas at Austin)
Areas of Specialty: Academic Coaching, Writing Services, Graduate Student Support
Staff Bio: A water bug at heart, you can find Lauren lounging at the pool or floating in the river at any point of the year. When the weather gets a little too cold or her fingers get a little too pruney, you can find her sipping on coffee or a smoothie at her desk contemplating the meaning of life, tweeting about education policy, or cuddling with her two special needs cats Snoot and Brock. In the meantime she thrives in helping students discover their true potential and make meaning of what it means to be a nurse.
Success Advice for Nursing Students: Spend time building relationships with peers, colleagues, and mentors. We accomplish more together than in isolation.
Favorite quote: "Your speed doesn't matter. Forward is forward." – Author Unknown

PPhoto of Rose Marie Padilla Rose Mary Padilla
Student Administrative Assistant | Phone: 210-567-5892

Education:  High School Degree 
Areas of Specialty: First point of contact in the Student Success Center, Master of Hugs
Staff Bio: Rose Mary loves her job, co-workers, and enjoys helping nursing students at the Student Success Center. When at home, she loves hanging out with her three daughters, her husband, and her grand-dog Nala. She also enjoys going out with friends, walking, and watching TV (Lifetime and Hallmark are her favorites). She is a simple person (self-proclaimed) that loves people.
Success Advice for Nursing Students: Have a back up for your back up. Babysitters, transportation . . . whatever it takes. Don't let lack of preparation set you up for failure. Be ready for life to throw you a curve ball. Planning now will prevent a crisis later.
Favorite quote: "Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people." – Karen Salmansohn