Commonly Asked Questions

Welcome to the School of Nursing. Below are answers to commonly asked questions. For answers to questions not listed below, please submit your question(s) by clicking here or contact the Office of Admissions at (210) 567-5805.

The School of Nursing has implemented new requirements for applicants seeking admission to the Traditional BSN and Accelerated BSN Programs beginning in Spring 2013. At the time of application, all science and math prerequisite course requirements must be completed. Additionally, applicants to the Traditional BSN Program must have completed at least 51 of the required 60 semester course hours of prerequisite courses at the time of application.

  • 1. What are the application deadlines?

    Applications and transcripts for the Traditional BSN Program are due by February 1 for Fall admission and August 1 for Spring admission.

    Applications and transcripts for the Accelerated BSN Program are due by December 15 for May admission.

    Applications, references, and transcripts for the MSN, Post-Graduate Certificate, and PhD Programs are due by February 1 for Fall admission.

  • 2. What are the differences between the Traditional BSN and
         Accelerated BSN Programs?

    In addition to different admission criteria (applicants to the Accelerated BSN Program must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university), differences also exist between the two programs.

    While the two programs cover the exact material, the Accelerated BSN Program is a 15-month program. Due to the intensity of this program, students are highly discouraged from participating in any type of outside employment. Students are enrolled full-time beginning in May and graduate in August of the following year.

    The Traditional BSN Program is a 24-month program and students are enrolled full-time over four semesters. Students in the Traditional BSN Program do not attend classes during the summer semester.

  • 3. What types of financial aid are available and how do I apply?

    To be considered for scholarships or financial aid, admitted students must complete the FAFSA form, which can be found online at The application should be completed once you have accepted an offer of admission. The school code is 003659.

    Once admitted, students will be instructed to complete a scholarship application, which will be included in their new student paperwork. Scholarship funds are distributed based on students applications for financial aid, GPA, and other criteria specified by scholarship guidelines.

    Students may also pursue scholarship and financial aid from external sources. Local hospitals and agencies may offer tuition assistance to employees and scholarships to students with promissory notes for payback upon graduation.

  • 4. Is this an R.N. program? What is the difference in nursing programs?

    R.N. is a legal license to practice as a nurse and is regulated by the State Board of Nursing. R.N. is not an education level. To be an R.N. students must graduate from an accredited nursing program and pass the state R.N. licensing examination.

    A factor to consider in choosing a nursing program is the NCLEX (licensing exam) pass rate. This is an indicator of how well prepared students are by their education to obtain the R.N. license on their first examination attempt. The SoN has a pass rate, which is higher than the national average.

  • 5. Does the SoN have computer requirements?

    All undergraduate students are required to purchase a laptop computer from the Health Science Center. Information is emailed to all newly admitted students prior to the start of the entering semester.

    All graduate students are required to own an Intel-based laptop computer with the capacity to connect to the internet via a wireless connection. Software required on each laptop includes Microsoft Office Suite (XP or higher).

  • 6. How can I find out more about the UT Health Science Center School of Nursing
         and its programs?

    Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend an Open House, which are offered monthly at the SoN. These informational sessions last approximately 2 hours and include discussions on the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. If you would like to attend an Open House, please refer to the Open House page.

  • 7. What is the pre-matriculation fee that admitted applicants are required
         to pay and how is the fee applied?

    The School of Nursing has implemented a pre-matriculation fee to secure each applicants seat for all undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Applicants accepting offers of admission will be required to pay a seat deposit fee as this is a mandatory fee and failure to pay this fee will result in revocation of the admission offer. Once all admission requirements have been fulfilled and applicants enter the nursing program, $250.00 of the deposit will be applied to the applicants tuition bill. Failure to complete any admission requirements once an admission offer has been accepted will result in a forfeit of the seat deposit fee to the School of Nursing. Furthermore, if the intent to enroll is withdrawn, the seat deposit fee is also forfeit to the School of Nursing and will not be reimbursed under any circumstances. Further information regarding how and when to pay this fee is included in all applicant admission offer letters

  • 8. How do I register for the TEAS exam?

    You can register for the TEAS examination by visiting the ATI website. You will need to register for TEAS with PSI.

  • 9. How do I have my transcripts evaluated?

    The Office of Admissions & Student Services does not offer official transcript evaluations. We ask that prospective students use the required prerequisite course lists that can be viewed on our website. Should you have any courses in question, please email and a representative will assist you.

  • 10. Where is the nursing school located?

    The School of Nursing is located in San Antonio in the medical center, off of Floyd Curl Drive. Please click HERE for a campus map.

  • 11. What is the tuition?

    Please visit the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs webpage for information regarding tuition and fees. To view this information, please click here.

  • 12. Do you accept transfer students from other nursing programs?

    A maximum of six hours of transfer nursing credits are accepted into the nursing program, determined by the nursing review committee. It is not guaranteed that any courses will transfer into the program until your previous nursing coursework is formally evaluated.

  • 13. Where do I send my transcripts?

    Please send official transcripts directly to NursingCAS.

    P.O. Box 9201
    Watertown, MA 02471

    Once admitted to the nursing program, official transcripts will need to be sent directly to the admissions office.

  • 14. Does the School of Nursing accept armed forces funding to pay for the nursing program?

    UTHSCSA accepts a variety of tuition exemptions and waivers offered to Veterans and their dependents. Please click HERE to visit the Office of Veteran Services.

  • 15. Which immunizations are required prior to enrollment?

    Please click HERE for a list of required immunizations prior to enrollment.

  • 16. What is the school policy on retaking a course to obtain a higher grade?

    If a course is repeated, the two course grades will both be included in the GPA calculations.

  • 17. Do you accept credits from on-line institutions?

    Yes, we accept credits from any institution as long as it is regionally accredited.