The Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) in the School of Nursing offers a variety of student services, programs, and facilities that are available to help students to transition successfully to their professional environment and receive maximum benefit from the total nursing school experience. The Student Success Center provides students with a full spectrum of academic support beginning with first semester mentoring and continuing with academic preparation for their licensure exam after graduation. Most of the services are located in a centralized center in the School of Nursing. The Student Success Center offers a variety of services including the following:

Academic Coaching

The Student Success staff work with students to develop a strategic study plan for reaching academic goals. This involves advisement and helping students attain effective academic skills and strategies to become successful students, and fostering student's intellectual and personal development toward lifelong learning.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI study sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal content review sessions in which students study course material in an engaging and supportive environment. In addition to reviewing content, students discuss readings, develop organizational tools, compare notes, and learn how to study strategically. SI Leaders are students who are faculty recommended, have mastered the course they are supporting, and are trained to use interactive learning strategies.

Personal Tutoring

Personal tutors provide free, individual tutoring by appointment. Personal tutors assist students in improving subject knowledge, while developing academic skills and strategies. Most tutoring sessions may be held in the School of Nursing Student Success Center or at various locations on campus.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors develop relationships with incoming nursing students each semester and are responsible for assisting them with the transition to university life, which can often be challenging. Peer Mentors are experienced student leaders who have demonstrated academic and clinical success in the School of Nursing.

Starfish System Implementation & Usage

Starfish is an online system, recently implemented by the School of Nursing in May 2017. Starfish easily connects nursing students to faculty and staff, as well as academic and student success oriented resources within the School of Nursing. Starfish also allows students to contact or schedule appointments with their academic coach, personal tutor, SI leader, peer mentor, or other student success staff. For assistance with Starfish please contact the Student Success Center.