The Student Success Center – Academic Support

Academic Coaching

Academic Success Coaches work with students one-on-one to create customized success plans to help reach academic goals. Coaches provide the skills and strategies necessary to be a successful nursing student, and develop the intellectual and personal qualities necessary for life-long learning. Available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Schedule an Appointment with a Coach

To schedule an appointment, contact the Student Success Center at 210-567-5892,
email, or visit the Center to schedule in person.

Academic Workshops

Workshops are small group sessions facilitated by Student Success staff. These sessions provide strategies and best practices to effectively address a variety of topics and issues including resume building, test-taking, study strategies, time management, reading strategies, stress management, financial literacy, scholarship tips, and more.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions allow students to study in a supportive group environment. Sessions are peer-led and facilitated by current students who have mastered the course and have been trained to utilize interactive learning strategies. Regularly scheduled SI gives students the opportunities to discuss readings, develop organizational tools, compare notes, and learn to study strategically. Only available to BSN students.

SI Schedule

Download or print a PDF of scheduled SI sessions for this term.