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Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)

Introducing the Clinical Nurse Leader - AACN Brochure (pdf)

The CNL major is offered in response to the profound changes in the increasingly complex healthcare system mandating change to improve quality of care while reducing costs, improving access, eliminating disparities and promoting safe practice. The CNL is an advanced generalist in nursing who is prepared to be a direct care provider accountable for the care outcomes of a clinical population or a specified group of patients/clients in a health care system. The CNL provides for lateral integration at the point of care that promotes quality care outcomes. As an advanced generalist, the CNL incorporates evidenced-based practice, patient safety and quality improvement to optimize health care outcomes. The CNL provides leadership to assure safe, timely, efficient, effective, equitable and patient-centered care. Graduates from the CNL major are eligible for certification through the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC), for the credential, CNL.

Admissions Information:

MSN Flyer: Master of Science in Nursing
PhD Flyer: Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing


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