Essential Elements of Evidence-Based Practice—
An Introduction to EBP and the ACE Star Model


This discussion is an introduction to Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), identifying the essential elements of EBP and the EBP movement. Instructors may use this as an introduction to EBP in undergraduate and masters nursing education programs. Likewise, the presentation is useful in introducing clinicians and administrators to the basics of EBP as agencies strategize about implementing EBP. The presentation provides the group with a common frame of reference and terminology from which to proceed into evidence-based quality improvement.

The presentation and content may be supplemented with other concrete examples and materials in order to move forward the concepts, content, and skills, as appropriate for each audience. While specific clinical examples are included in this presentation, the user may choose to substitute examples relevant to the particular course or clinical topic. Suggestions are made throughout the presentation.

Best of luck on your journey in moving EBP forward for the benefit of patients!

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