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Summer Institute: Top 3 Poster Presentations

Top 3 Poster Presentations

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Top 3 Poster Presentations and Special Student Award

CONGRATULATIONS to these EBP Leaders for their exemplary work!

2010 EBP Across the Nation: Attended Poster Presentations

Abstracts selected for Poster Presentation. Abstracts may be viewed by clicking on title.

  1. Evidence Based Research at the Point of Care: Working with Industry Partners
    Stephanie R. Amlung, PhD, RN
    Hill-Rom Co, Inc.
  2. Getting Back to the Bedside
    Ellen J. Angelo, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Monmouth Medical Center
    Jennifer Gironda, Megan McBurnie
  3. Psychoeducational Interventions for Caregivers of Older Adults: A Systematic Review
    KoKo Aung, MD, MPH
    UT Health Science Center San Antonio
    Kathleen R. Stevens
  4. Self-Infused Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (SCIg) is Safe and Increases Family Satisfaction
    Mary Baker, RN
    Cincinnati Children´s Home Care Services
    Lucy O´Quinn, Lynn Lednik, Lyn King, Julie Elfers, Vicki Richardson, Lois Siegle, Mary Poynter
  5. Best Evidence: Implementation of a Safe Patient Handling and Movement Strategy
    Patricia Baker, RN-BC, MSNc
    University Health System
    Debrah Stolz, Amanda Haley, Blanca Posada
  6. "Bundle Up" - A Fall Prevention Strategy in an Acute Care Setting
    Patricia Baker, RN-BC, MSNc
    Metropolitan Methodist Hospital
    Sarah Humme, Denise Krajewski
  7. An Outcome of EBP: Sustained Clinical Decision-Making Among Bedside Nurses
    Karen A. Balakas, PhD, RN, CNE
    St. Louis Children´s Hospital & Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College
    Lisa Steurer, Terry Bryant
  8. Evidence Based Treatment Guidelines for Pressure Ulcers
    Rosa C. Bautista, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CCRN
    Sharp Grossmont Hospital - University of San Diego
  9. Whetting the Appetite for Nursing EBP: A Menu of Options
    Susan M. Bejciy-Spring, MS, RN, BC, CMSRN, CNS
    Jill Niese (Presenter)
    The Ohio State University Health System
    Jerry Mansfield
  10. Aligning Pay for Performance (P4P) with Evidence Based Practices (EBP) to Advance Clinical Outcomes
    Kristie Bielewicz, MBA
    Highmark Inc.
    Deborah J. Donovan, Mary Blank, Robert D. Jacisin, Lisa D´Amico, Arlene Fleck,
    Elaine Oley, Don Colarosa, Rita Cole, Linda Weiland, Mary Goessler


  11. Healthcare Employees´ Perceptions and Experiences of Workplace Violence
    Mary D. Bondmass, PhD, RN, CNE
    University of Nevada Las Vegas
    Tracy Thomson, Steve Gardner, Dan Petcavage, John Recicar, Ruben Gurrola
  12. Obtaining Job Enjoyment Using Tuckman’s Model for Improved Outcomes
    Paula Bowers, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC
    St. Luke´s Episcopal Hospital/Texas Heart Institute
  13. Value of Oral Care in the Reduction of VAP in Burn ICU Patients
    Amy B. Bray, RN, BSN, CCRN
    U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR)
    Kylee Foy, Mayra Castillo, Ellen J. Angelo
  14. CAUTI Bundle Development; Improved Patient Outcomes
    Clifford Bray, RN
    Inova Health System
  15. Student Nurses´ Views on Caring and Technology in Nursing Education
    Elizabeth B. Brodell, PhD, RN
    Minot State University
  16. Integration of Evidence Based Practice into Problem Based Learning Case Scenarios via Innovative Technologies
    Marijean Buhse, RN, PhD, NP-C
    Stony Brook University School of Nursing
  17. Baby Friendly Initiative: Examining the Relationship between Newborn Rooming-In and Increased Breastfeeding Percentages
    Geneva Bundy, MSN, RN
    Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital
    Lori Bethel, Michelle Holliday, Jennifer Minor, Leddie Davis, Rhonda Cain,
    Jessica Villarreal, Emily Durbin, TJ Pham, Carol Monthey, Kathleen Wind,
    Beth Hawkins, Maria Saenz, Brigette Ratliff, Linda Woodson
  18. Making EBP the Work Culture: Efforts of a New Shared Governance Structure
    Vicki Cannington, MSN, APRN-BC
    University of Tennessee Medical Center
    University of Tennessee Medical Center´s Nursing Research Council 2008, 2009
  19. Evaluation and Implementation of a Nurse Driven Insulin Infusion Protocol for the Medical/Cardiac Intensive Care Patient
    Maria C. Cerrato, RN, BSN
    San Antonio Medical Center – North
    Judy Juguilon, Darlene Deters
  20. Establishing Consensus for Evidence-Based Practice Competencies in Associate Degree Programs
    Paula Cooper Clutter, PhD, RN
    University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Nursing
    Kathleen R. Stevens


  21. Proactive Palliative Care in an ICU: Effect on Quality Indicators and Length of Stay
    Kris Coleman-Haas, RN, BSN
    El Camino Hospital
    Kathleen Fahey, Esther Nickols, Ilana Shafir, Michael Purnell
  22. Length of Time the Enteral Feeding Administration Set is in Use
    Christine S. Combs, BSN, RN II, CPN
    Cincinnati Children´s Hospital Medical Center
    Allison Bourgraf, Claire Burkhart, Barbara K. Giambra, Melisa Gosney, Kathleen Hautman,
    Angela Kinstler, Megan Koons, Briane Martin
  23. Evaluating the Use of Absorbent Paper with I-131 Patients
    Laura A. Connelly, MA, RN, OCN
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Anne Stachowiak-Fisher
  24. Practice-Academic Partnership for Team Training to Enhance Patient Safety
    Michael Corneille, MD
    Janet Rogers (Presenter)
    UT Health Science Center San Antonio
    Kathleen R. Stevens, Nicole Jaime, Elaine Jones
  25. Getting the Evidence to the Bedside: A Shared Governance Model
    Courtney C. Crannell, RN, MSN, OCN
    Kara Streets (Presenter)
    Christiana Care Health System
    Maureen Seckel, Ruth Monney, Kara Streets
  26. Chlorhexidine: Rub the Hub before You Plug! Eliminating CRBSI in MICU/MSICU
    Sheenagh M. Cummings, RN
    Methodist Hospital
    Karen A. Diorio
  27. Developing Online Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines
    Deborah S. Cummins, PhD
    Laurie E. Sweet (Presenter)
    American Dietetic Association
  28. Effects of Citrus Bergamia and Angelica Archangelica on Anxiety related to Venipuncture and Mediport Access
    Brenda J. Daniels, RN, OCN, CCAP
    Texas Health Resources Arlington Memorial
    Kathy A. Baker, May Dean
  29. Transitioning to Professional Practice with a Nursing Residency Program
    Gayle Dasher, RN, PhD, CCRN, CNRN
    CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System
    Melissa Gonzalez
  30. Positive Patient Outcomes thru EMR and Rapid Response Integration
    Sheryl Davis, RN, CCRN, MSN, CNS-BC
    Washington Regional Medical Center
    Gina Dickey


  31. Evidence Based Practice and Heart Failure Clinical Pathways
    Nathalie De Michelis, RN, BSN
    University of California Irvine
    Tania V. Bridgeman, Dawn Lombasrdo
  32. Interdisciplinary Committee Implementation of Patient Safety Goal
    Eric C. Dougherty, PharmD, BCPS
    South Texas Veterans Health Care System
    Rebecca A. Rottman-Sagebiel
  33. 23 Hour Observation and Beyond
    Anthonia I. Eby, RN, BSN, MBA, NEA-BC
    MD Anderson Cancer Center Torina Lane
  34. Sustaining a Reduction in Catheter-Associated Bloodstream Infection Rate
    Arleen P. Elizondo, MSN, RN, CNS
    Methodist Healthcare
  35. Skin Risk Assessment Tool: Reducing Subjectivity
    Cindi R. Faz, RN, CNE, DNP
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing
  36. A Mechanism to Increase Awareness of Workarounds in Med-Surg Units
    Robert Ferrer, MD, MPH
    Amanda R. Sintes (Presenter)
    UT Health Science Center San Antonio
    Kathleen R. Stevens, Nedal Arar, Amanda R. Sintes
  37. Innovation for Quality and Safety: Minimizing Misconnection, an Ongoing Patient Safety Issue
    Paula S. Forte, PhD, RN, CWCN
    Gillette Children´s Specialty Healthcare
  38. Purposeful Interprofessional Family Communication Decreases LOS in ICU
    Puneet G. Freibott, MSN, RN, CCRN, NE-BC
    St. Luke´s Episcopal Hospital/Texas Heart Hospital
  39. TeamSTEPPS Debrief to Improve Frontline Performance during Rapid Response
    Madeline M. Fricke, RN, MPS
    North Shore University Hospital NSLIJ Healthcare System
  40. Education through Concept Mapping: Developing a Critical Thinking Approach
    Paula R. Gaillen-Miller, RNC, MSN
    University of Louisiana at Monroe


  41. Let´s AGREE! Use of an Instrument to Evaluate Clinical Practice Guideline Quality
    Beth A. Grudell, MSN, CNP, CCRN
    OhioHealth: Riverside Methodist Hospital
    Inga Zadvinskis, Connie Nicastro-Bowman, Nancy McBride, Donna Susil,
    Suzie Hobbs, Jerri Meddles
  42. Cognitive - Educative Model for Mexican Adults with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
    Juana Gutierrez-Valverde, DSNc, MSN, BSN, RN
    School of Nursing, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    Esther C. Gallegos-Cabriales, Bertha Cecilia Salazar-Gonzalez,
    Marco Vinicio Gomez-Meza, Eduardo Garza Tamez
  43. An Innovative Work Culture Change to Streamline Patient Admissions
    Robert W. Hahn, BSN, RN
    Trinity Mother Frances Hospital
    Patricia Loff
  44. The Clinical Nurse Leader Role Impacting an Outpatient Geriatric Clinic
    Kim Hall, RN, MSN
    Mary E. Mather (Presenter)
    South Texas Veterans Healthcare System
  45. Temperature Rising … Accuracy of Axillary Temperatures: Looking at the Evidence
    Amy Hall-Haering, MSN, RN
    Children´s Hospital Medical Center
    Gigi Honn, Jennifer Willoughby, Lorna Frank, Barbara K. Giambra
  46. Psychometrics of 0-5 Nausea and Vomiting Scales
    Angela P. Halpin, RN, MN, CNS
    Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
    Loucine M. Huckabay, Aran Levine
  47. Venuous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis: An Evidence-Based Practice Change
    Marci Handley, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks
    Christina Williamson
  48. Meta-Analysis of Fall Risk Tools in Hospitalized Adults
    Linda Harrington, PhD, RN, CNS, CPHQ, CENP
    Baylor Health Care System
    Rosemary Luquire, Melissa Winter, Beth Houser, Ellen Pitcher, Nancy Vish,
    Claudia Wilder, Huanying Qin
  49. Where Did All the Teddy Bears Go?
    Julie M. Harris, MSN, RN
    Arkansas Children´s Hospital
    Hannah Johnson
  50. A Translational Interdisciplinary Approach to Decrease and Prevent Mucositis in the Oncology Unit using the Iowa Model to Promote Quality Care
    Shirley E. Harvey, RN, BSN, OCN
    Texas Health Resource Arlington Memorial Hospital
    May Dean, Kathy Baker, Ashley Netting, Megan Ogle, Anne Fredrich-Cuntz,
    John Adams, Bill Brown, Dora Mendoza, Melissa Cole


  51. Diffusion: Academia & Practice Collaborate to Increase Nurses´ EBP Knowledge
    Ginger G. Hinshaw, MS, BSN, RN
    Texas Woman´s University
    Tera Pape, Jennifer Lester, Sydney Peck, Linda Blizzard, Sharon Dingman
  52. Optimizing Education Retention in the Adult TIA Patient
    Sherril K. Hopper, RN
    El Camino Hospital
  53. The EBP Academy: Creating Unit-Based Capacity for EBP
    Amy C. Huett, RN, BSN
    Arkansas Children´s Hospital
    Angela Green, Debra Jeffs, Angela Scott
  54. STEPP into My Office, It´s Time for a Change
    Tia T. Hutto, RN
    Wilford Hall Medical Center - Lackland AFB
    Melinda Duff, Kawchina Viguerie, Kristina Creech
  55. The Regional Block Team: Providing Pain Management to Total Joint Replacement Patients
    Elizabeth Hyslop, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
    Northeast Baptist Hospital
  56. Taking on Handoff: Bringing SBAR to the Bedside
    Nicole Imbasciani, RN, CCRN
    Stony Brook University Medical Center
    Judith Bielskas, Margaret Duffy, Diane Marrone, William Dan Roberts, Jude Weber, Rowena Dimanlig
  57. Overcoming Barriers to Bedside Implementation of EBP Pressure Ulcer Prevention
    Irene M. Jankowski, MSN, APRN-BC, CWOCN
    Joint Commission Resources/Hill-Rom Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY
    Deborah Nadzam, Roberta Fruth
    Diane Whitworth (Presenter)
    Bon Secours St. Mary´s Hospital
  58. Quality Assessment of Diabetes in a Nurse-Managed Health Center
    Foster D. Jones, RN, MSN, CRN, DNPc
    University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing
    Jeri Dunkin, Mary Grace Umlauf
  59. Using Evidence-Based for Developing of Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline to Prevent and Relieve Oral Mucositis in Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
    Ubol Juangpanich, RN, APN
    Chemotherapy Ward (5E), Nursing Dept, Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
    Sukanya Janheeb, Saranya Komboodda
  60. "Build It and They Will Come" Development of a Clinical Nursing Research Program through Collaboration
    Sheila D. Keller, PhD
    University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing
    Kim Hoover, Janet Harris


  61. Residency Program Improves Clinical Competency and Retention of New Graduate RNs
    Susan D. Kowalski, RN, PhD, CNE
    University of Nevada Las Vegas
  62. Clinical Nursing Practice Guidelines for Cholangiocarcinoma Patients
    Chusri Kuchaisit, RN, MSc (Health Soc Sci)
    Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Nursing Division, Srinagarind Hospital Khon Kaen University, Thailand
    Siriporn Mongkolthawornchai, Ubol Juangpanich, Nuanchan Thaninsurat,
    Tharinee Phetcharat, Chalermsri Sorasit, Panor Techa-Atik, Tuantong Puntharo
  63. Critiquing Existing Alcohol Screening Forms for a Unique Population
    Maria Kuhn, MA, MS, LPC, NCC
    Integrated Health Advocacy Program
    Christina Krause, Konstadina Andriopoulos
  64. Eliminating CLABSIs: Piloting a Chlorhexidine Gluconate Bathing Protocol
    Laurie A. Kunkel-Jordan, MSN, APRN, BC
    Carroll University & Waukesha Memorial Hospital
    Laurie Lawson, Paul Abegglen, Kathy Kaiser
  65. Improved Second Stage Assessments
    Elsa M. Larson, RNC, BSN
    Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center
  66. Rapid Response Team for the Violation of the Code of Professionalism
    Monica B. Latayan, DNP, RN
    North Shore/Long Island Jewish Health System (NSLIJHS)-North Shore University Hospital
    Elizabeth Madigan, Susan Tullai McGuiness, Kathleen Leask Capitulo
  67. Driving Evidence to the Bedside using Journal Clubs (JC)
    Cheryl A. Lefaiver, PhD, RN
    Advocate Christ Medical Center
    Wendy Tuzik Micek
  68. Use of a Board Game to Enhance Learning about Pain Assessment and Management: A Follow-Up Study
    Carolyn Lindgren, PhD, RN
    Baptist Health South Florida, South Miami Hospital
    Mary Massieu, Pat Collins, Angela Marples, Jo Ann Gottlieb, Linda Long
  69. Enhancing Stroke Education: Utilizing AHA "Get with the Guidelines"
    Janine M. Mazabob, RN, BS, BSN, MA
    St. Luke´s Episcopal Hospital
    Gerard Brown
  70. An Evidence Based Practice Project: The Impact on Outcomes for Mechancially Ventilated Patients
    Receiving Intravenous Sedation Comparing Traditional Sedation Assessment Methods
    and Sedation Assessment with Bispectral Index Monitoring

    Karen L. McCarthy, RN, BA, CCRN
    Medical Center of Plano
    Susan Arrendell, Nicki S. Roderman


  71. Breastfeeding Best Practice "Got Breastmilk?"
    Sharon McCarver, RN, MSN
    Hackettstown Regional Medical Center
    Patricia Swanson
  72. Clinical Aromatherapy: Alleviating Constipation in Patients with Cancer
    Jane McNelis, RN, OCN, CCAP
    Texas Health Resource Arlington Memorial
    Kathy A. Baker, May Dean, Brenda Daniels
  73. Pediatric Pain: Baby Steps
    Grace L. Melles, RN, MSN, CPNP
    Central Dupage Hospital
    Deeanna Wilson, Dana Thielk, Joyce Masterton, Marguerite Wydra, Julie McGuire,
    Hillary S. Crumlett, Michele Habich
  74. Show Me the Evidence - Improving Alcohol Withdrawal Outcomes in Acute Care
    Jo A. Melson, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
    Christiana Care Health System
    Ruth Mooney, Terry Horton
  75. After the End: Developing a Palliative Care Bereavement Program
    Jeannette Meyer, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, PCCN, ACHPN
    Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital
  76. The "Fall Free Days" Initiative: TeamSTEPPS in Action
    Judith Moran, RN, DNSc, NE-BC
    Huntington Hospital
  77. ECG EBP Collaborative across the Continuum of CV Care
    Marthe J. Moseley, PhD, RN, CCRN, CCNS, CNL
    Veterans Healthcare Administration
    VHA Office of Nursing Services Cardiovascular Field Advisory Committee ECG Workgroup, San Antonio ECG Workgroup
  78. Destination Bedside: How Evidence-Based Innovations Lead to Improved Nurse Sensitive Patient Safety
    Kathleen Mullen, PhD, MS, RN
    Kaiser Permanente, National Patient Care Services
    Christie Zuber, Chris McCarthy, Scott Heisler
  79. Forced Air Warming Gowns to Prevent Unintentional Surgical Hypothermia
    Joannie Nei, BSN, RN
    St. Cloud Hospital
    Darin Prescott, Colleen Layne
  80. Ticket to Ride: Partnering with Transport for Improved Patient Outcomes
    Caroline R. Nims, RN, BSN
    CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital-Medical Center
    Laura V. Gonzales


  81. Evidence Based Care for Hospitalized Diabetics: Preventing Morning Hypoglycemia
    Andrea M. Ozene, RN, BSN
    Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center
    Stacy Bertrand
  82. A Pilot Study of CRNA Disruptions during Anesthesia Induction
    Tera Pape, PhD, RN, CNOR
    Texas Woman´s University
    Zafar Hafiz, Sharon K. Dingman
  83. Compassion Fatigue: Effects on Registered Nurses & Their Families
    Sherry Parkhurst, BSN, RN
    Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital
    Angelo Betancourt, Pat DeBusk, Anne Janes, Kim Judd, Kathy Pugh, Carey Reynolds,
    Jim Tenery, Patricia Turpin, Dora Saul, Bill Wood
  84. An Institutional Plan to Reduce Surgical Site Infections
    Lisa S. Parks, MS, CNP
    Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute at
    The Ohio State University Medical Center
    Meghan M. Routt
  85. Passionate about Change: Establishing Therapeutic Relationships in Dementia Care
    Kathy G. Patterson, RN, CPMHN
    St. Joseph´s Healthcare London Ontario
  86. Role of the Spinal Cord Injury Nurses in Recognizing and Preventing Caregiver Burnout
    Julius H. Penning, MSN/ED, RN, CRRN
    Michael E. DeBakey VAMC
    Sally Ramanujam, Glennys Asselin
  87. Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest: Implementing an Evidence-Based Protocol
    Cynthia Pinard, BSN, RN
    USAF – Wilford Hall Medical Center
    Rowena Faner, Jennifer Soper
  88. 3 North: Collaborative Care Council and TeamSTEPPS Significantly Decrease Patient Falls
    Ellen Pokorny, MA, RN, CEA
    Plainview Hospital
    Stephanie Hanratty
  89. A Standardized Hand-Off during the Transition between PACU and the Postoperative Unit Improves Antibiotics being Discontinued 24-Hours after the Completion of Surgery
    Ellen Pokorny, MA, RN, CEA
    Plainview Hospital
  90. Respiratory Therapists and ICU Nurses Decrease Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAPS),
    Ventilator Days and Unplanned Extubation Rate

    Ellen Pokorny, MA, RN, CEA
    Donna Kube (Presenter)
    Plainview Hospital
    Ava Cohen


  91. “ACT” - A Frontline Coaching Methodology to Hardwire TeamSTEPPS Behaviors
    Myrta Rabinowitz, PhD, RN, BC
    North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System
    Denise Mazzapica, Lynn Johnson, Jayne O´Leary, Maureen White, Catherine Galla, Lily Thomas
  92. Sickle Cell Crisis Clinical Pathway
    Marsha Rittenhouse, RN, BSN
    Shannon Cunningham, Mari Wilson, Kristin Hicks, Judy Ward, Missy Jarvis
  93. Implementing and Sustaining an Evidence-Based Sepsis Program in a Community Hospital
    Nicki Roderman, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNRN
    Medical Center of Plano Gita Patel, John Sand
  94. Expanding Support for Breastfeeding Mothers Using In-Home Telehealth Technology
    Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, PhD, RNC, IBCLC
    Graceland University School of Nursing
    Karen Wambach, Eve-Lynn Nelson
  95. Radiology Teamwork Training
    Michelle A. Ryerson, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
    University Health System
  96. Length of Time Post-Operative Midsternal Incisions Need a Intact Dressing
    Sarah E. Schoborg, RN
    Cincinnati Children´s Hospital Medical Center
    Virginia Bossman, Laurie Mustin
  97. Evidence Based Practice: “The PICC Triad"
    Jennifer L. Siegert, RN
    William Beaumont Army Medical Center
    Scott Carlsen
  98. The Use of a Community Based Alcohol Treatment Program to Reduce ER Length of Stay
    at a Level 1 Trauma Center

    Lindsey Siewert, ARNP, CCRN, CCNS
    University of Louisville Hospital
    Mark Spivak, Anna Smith, S. Lee Ridner
  99. Informing Front Line Improvement through a Quality Data Center
    Jean A. Smith, RN, MBA, FACHE
    Metropolitan Methodist Hospital
    Denise Krajewski, Mickey L. Parsons, Clarice Golightly-Jenkins, Sarah Humme,
    Catherine Dikeis, Gretchen Gealogo
  100. Providing Nutrition to Critically Ill Obese Patients
    Susan Smith, MS, RN, CNS
    Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano
    Kathleen A. Fedyszen


  101. Improved Nurse Retention and Patient Outcomes Using Leader Development
    Paula J. Spears, DNSc, RN, NEA-BC
    Deborah J. Esmon (Presenter)
    Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
    Donna Herrin
  102. Validation of an Online Data Registry: A Pilot Project
    Susan R. Stapleton, DNP, CNM, FACNM
    American Association of Birth Centers
    Kate E. Bauer
  103. Creating a National Research Agenda for Improvement Science
    Kathleen R. Stevens, EdD, RN, ANEF, FAAN
    UT Health Science Center San Antonio
  104. Using Evidence-Based for Developing of Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline to Abuse Patients in
    Out Patients Department Accident and Emergency Srinagarind Hospital Faculty of Medicine
    Khon Kaen University

    Sumana Sumritrin, RN, APN
    Out Patient Department Accident and Emergency, Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
    Srivieng Pairojkul, Supatsara Wongsaen
  105. Creating a Climate for Inquiry at the Frontline of Patient Care
    Rebecca C. Tart, PhD
    Catawba Valley Medical Center
    Ann H. Moore, Kimberly M. Yates, Gail Settlemyre
  106. Frontline Clinical Involvement with Evidence Based Design
    Mary (Chee) Taylor, RN, MN
    Inova Fairfax Hospital
    Mary Dixon, Kathy Wright
  107. Effectiveness of Implementing Evidence-Based Practice for Traumatic Patients at the
    Accident and Emergency Department (AED) of Srinagarind University Hospital, Kohn Kaen University

    Panor Techa-atik, RN, APN
    Accidental & Emergency Nursing Dept, Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine,
    Khon Kaen University, Thailand
    Suntaraporn Wansupong, Sumana Sumritrin, Chiyut Thanapaisal, Polpun Boonmak
  108. A Systems Approach to Implementing the CNL Role: Bringing the Learning to Unit-Based
    Interdisciplinary Teams
    Patricia L. Thomas, PhD, RN
    University of Detroit Mercy
  109. Kennedy Terminal Ulcers - A Palliative Care Unit´s Experience over a 12 Month Period of Time
    Kathy A. Trombley, RN, BS, CHPN
    North Shore University Hospital
    Mary Brennan
  110. Developing a Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Prevention Team to
    Model Best Practice and Improve Outcomes

    Dorothy Urschel, MS, ACNP, NEA-BC, MBA
    Carole Wickham (Presenter)
    St. Peter’s Hospital


  111. Johns Hopkins Lifestyle Management to Improve Healthy Behaviors: Moving Evidence to Practice
    Ines M. Vigil, MD, MPH, MBA
    Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC
    Martha Sylvia
  112. Visitation in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU): An Evidence Based Practice Approach
    Gail P. Voncina, RN
    Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth
  113. Quality and Safety Education for Clinical Nurse Leader Students
    Sherry S. Webb, DNSc, NEA-BC, RN
    University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Nursing
    Veronica Engle, Leslie McKeon, Marie Gill, Lewis Perkins
  114. Bland to Productive: One Committee Changes a Nursing Culture
    Donna Weeks, DNP, RN, APN
    Saint Peter´s University Hospital
  115. Nurse-Driven Blood Conservation Strategies in ICU
    Lois M. Welden RN, MSN, CNS, CCRN
    Deaconess Hospital, Inc
    David Harris, Theresa Price, Christa Wolf, Brooke Knotts, Kristie Turner,
    Dawn Rowley
  116. A Nurse-Driven Protocol to Reduce Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection
    Carole Wickham, MS, RN
    St. Peter´s Hospital
    Andrea McCarthy, Lauren Adamczyk, Theresa Meyer, Allyson Whiting, Morgan Williams, Marilyn LaParl
  117. Great American Cookie Experiment: PICO, Article Critique, Summary Table
    Barry Wiener, MSN, RN-BC, CCRN
    LBJ Hospital (Harris County Hospital District Houston, TX)
    Gloria Caclini, Mary Chacko, Elsy Francis, Gayle McGlory
  118. A Rapid Response Team´s Impact on Mortality Rates and Nursing Efficacy
    Lisa B. Wike, RN, MSN, BC
    Catawba Valley Medical Center
    Rebecca C. Tart
  119. Above PAR Care: Implementation of a Failure to Rescue Strategy
    Kathy M. Willams, MSN, RN
    Denton Regional Medical Center
  120. Critical Connections: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Transforming Work Environments
    Fiona Winterbottom, MSN, ACNS-BC, CCRN
    Ochsner Medical Center
    Anita Campbell, Tina Gipson, Mikie Richoux, Brenda Floyd, John Hall,
    Teresa Nash, David Taylor


  121. Critiquing a Research Article, Tell It In a Poster
    Wendy A. Wintersgill, RN, MSN, CRRN, ACNS-BC
    Christiana Care Health System
  122. Development and Testing of a Tool to Measure Nurses´ Use of the Pressure Ulcer Log
    Mary K. Wood, RN
    Baptist Health South Florida, Wound Center at South Miami Hospital
    Carolyn Lindgren, Marcia Justinvil, Caridad Lorenzo, Claudia Dezendegui
  123. Small Bore Feeding Tube Placement
    Nichole Wood, RN, BSN
    William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
    Rachel Ruhland, Annette Tealey, Kristen Hoeft, Barb Dale, Beverly Priefer
  124. The Use of Pre/Post Hemodialysis Evaluation Tool as a Template to Enhance Documentation
    Meihsieng Wu, RN, MSN, PhD
    Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System
    Julia Diaz
  125. Show Me the Evidence
    Mary Ann Young, RN, BSN
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Rebecca Jeremic, Denise Leavitt
  126. Ticket to Ride, Managing Hand-Off Communications
    Shereen L. Young, RN, MSN
    Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center

For more information, please contact:
Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice
Email: acestar@uthscsa.edu
Phone: 210-567-1480