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Summer Institute on Evidence-Based Practice
"2008 Summer Institute Winners List"
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Summer Institute: Top 3 Poster Presentations

Top 3 Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place:
    Improving Beta Blockade Continuation During the Perioperative Period
    Elizabeth M. Hyslop, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
    Northeast Baptist Hospital
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  • 2nd Place:
    Glucometer Error in the Anemic Patient
    Elizabeth A. Mann, RN, MS, CCRN, CCNS
    US Army Institute of Surgical Research
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  • 3rd Place:
    Mentorship-A Key to Evidence-Based Practice and Policies
    Terri L. Brown, MSN, RN, CPN
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The Educators’ EBP Workshop®: Top 2 Poster Presentations

Top 2 Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place:
    The Curriculum Audit: Defining What It Means to Integrate Evidence-Based Practic
    Rebecca J. Sisk, PhD, RN, CNE
    Methodist College of Nursing, Peoria, IL
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  • 2nd Place:
    Teaching-Learning Strategies to Improve Evidence-Based Nursing Practice in a Magnet-Designated Community Hospital Judith Moran-Peters, RN, DNSc, CNA, BC
    Huntington Hospital Center for Nursing
    Teresa Eberhart, MS, RN, Maureen White, MBA, RN, CNAA
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CONGRATULATIONS to these EBP Leaders for their exemplary work!

ABSTRACTS SELECTED FOR POSTER PRESENTATION. Abstracts may be viewed by clicking on title.

2008 EBP Across the Nation: Attended Poster Presentations

Attended Poster Presentation

2008 EBP Across the Nation:  Attended Poster Presentations


In Oncology Patients, Does the Type and Size of PICC Affect the Risk of Thrombosis?
Rodulfo T. Aranas, Jr., RN, CRNI
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Eva Basada
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Prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
Christopher P. Baglio, CPT, RN, BSN
Brooke Army Medical Center
James E. Simmons
Darlene Deters (Presenter) 
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Integrating Evidence Based Practice Using a RN-MD Collaborative Model
Jackie Bartlett, RN, MSN, MBA, HCM
Children's Mercy Hospital & Clinics
Nancy Allen (Presenter)
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EBP Flash Cards:  A Strategy for Achieving AACN Magnet™ Recognition
Jane Bliss-Holtz, DNSc, BC
Meridian Health Ann May Center for Nursing and Allied Health
Christine Hedges
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Nevada Nurses' Knowledge, Attitude and Application of EBP
Mary D. Bondmass, RN, PhD
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Sheri Stucke
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Teaching EBP Principles Through Senior Nursing Student Projects
Lina Denise Bostwick, MSN, RN
BryanLGH College of Health Sciences
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Evidence-Based Tight Glycemic Control for Post Surgical Patients
Heather L. Bowen, BSN, MHA, MBA
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Hamam Alrabaa (Presenter)
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Improving Team Communication: Daily Interdisciplinary Unit Briefing
Catherine A. Broome, RN,C, BS
William S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital
Stephanie A. Bondow
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Mentorship-A Key to Evidence-Based Practice and Policies
Terri L. Brown, MSN, RN, CPN
Texas Children's Hospital
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Growing Evidence-Based Practice in a Small Community System
Sandra H. Bryan, MHA, BSN, RN-BC
Shore Health System of Maryland, Inc.
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Fostering Enthusiasm for Nursing Research
Barbara Celia, EdD, RN
Drexel University
Kathleen Faulkenstein
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Advancing Evidence-Based Practice & Quality: Factors Related to Uptake of  Evidence-Based 
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Paula Cooper Clutter, PhD, RN, CNS-BC
UT Health Science Center San Antonio, School of Nursing 
Kathleen R. Stevens
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Becoming ACE Stars: Evidence-Based Practice Staff Development
Eileen Deges Curl, PhD, RN
Lamar University
Candice L. Herman
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Hand-Off Communication in a Cardiac Surgical Unit: A Nursing Driven Process
Susanne M. Cutshall, MS, RN, CCNS
Mayo Clinic, St. Marys Hospital
H eather L. Zak (Presenter)
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Evidence Based Practice: Measuring and Reporting Patient Satisfaction with Pain Management  and Overall Care in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab
Elnora Annette Darland, RN, BSN, CCRN, MHA
Harris Methodist HEB Hospital
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Champions of Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Best Practice Team
Carolyn W. Davis, RN, BSN, CNA
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital
Puneet Freibott (Presenter)
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Perinatal Safety Drills - Improving Patient Outcomes
Cheryl Lynn DeGray, RNC, BSN, MHA
JPS Health Network
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Using Metrics to Move Quality Forward: Nursing Dashboards
Jean Dowling Dols, PhD, RN, CNAA-BC, FACHE
Shirley Stewart
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Lift Off!  Launching a “No Lift” Environment on an Acute Care Unit: Implementation of a Safe Patient Handling Program
Marsha Doughtery, BSN, RN
Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital
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An Evidence Based Approach to Creating a New Nursing Dress Code
Cheryl P. Dumont, PhD, RN
Winchester Medical Center
Kathy Johnson, Laura Windle, Kelly Halbert, Kathryn Tagnesi
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Improving Education for Diabetics with Low Health Care Literacy
Kathleen Falk, MSC, FNP
New York City College of Technology/Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
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Mapping the Literature: A Bibliometric Analysis of Evidence Based Practice Literature in                          English Language Nursing Journals
M. Jane Fayland, DNS(c), APRN, CCRN, CNS
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
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A Description of Further Dissemination (as published manuscripts) of Scientifiic Evidence Initially Presented at a Nursing Research Conference
Marsha E. Fonteyn, PhD, RN, OCN
The Phyllis F. Cantor Center Research in Nursing and Patient Care Services
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
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An Evidence-Based Approach for Graduate Nurse Orientation in Critical Care
Rose Nagle Girgenti, RN-BC, MA
St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
MaryAnn Hozak
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Patient Safety: Decreasing Pressure Ulcers in Acute Care
Judee L. Gozzard, RN, MSN
Bay Pines VA Healthcare System
Cheryl Ann Howard
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Control of Norovirus Outbreak with Infection Control Practices
Patti G. Grota, APRN, MS, CIC
South Texas Veterans Healthcare System
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Know the Game Plan: HUDDLE!
Kim Hall, RN, BSN
South Texas Veterans Healthcare System
Monica Horton, Victor Garcia
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Making It Stick: Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Recruitment and Project Sustainability
Jo M. Hanson, RN, MSN, CNS, OCN
City of Hope, Dept of Nursing Research & Education
Marcia M. Grant
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Reducing Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers Through Nursing Autonomy
Candice L. Herman, MSN, RN, CNA, BC
Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital
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Texas Falling Star Prevention Program
Clarissa Silva Herrera, RN, MSN
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Nursing
Jerry Asumbrado, Susan Richardson-Alecozay
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Collaborative Management of the Adult with Sickle Cell Disease
Linda Ann Humphries, RN, CNS, CCRN
Harris Methodist Southwest Hospital
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A Study Comparing Coagulation Test Results from PICCs and Venipunctures
Linda Ann Humphries, RN, CNS, CCRN
Harris Methodist Southwest Hospital
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Improving Beta Blockade Continuation During the Perioperative Period
Elizabeth M. Hyslop, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
Northeast Baptist Hospital
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Implementing Evidence-Based "Patient Safety Plans" in Acute Psychiatry
Bernadette Y. Jao, MSN, RNBC
Bay Pines VA Healthcare System
Kristine Ashley, James Morello
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Use of Acetaminophen in Circumcision Pain Management
Kathy  J. Johnson, BSN, RN
Medcenter One
Jacie L. Emineth
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Bed Baths - Back to the Basics
Nancy K. Johnson, MSN, RN, CRRN, CLNC
Saint Francis Medical Center
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Kangaroo Mother Care
Fatemeh Khaghani, EdD, MSN, RN
Kaiser Permanente Southern California
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The Process of Implementing Evidence Based Practice in the Clinical Setting
Doris Kimbrell, RN, MSN, ARNP-CNS, CMSRN
Via Christi Regional Medical Center
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Nurse to Researcher: How Ready Are We?  Measurement of Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
Readiness and Competencies
Vivian Low, RN, BSN, MPH
El Camino Hospital
Cathy Patton
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Bridging the Gap Between Primary Care and Mental Health Services
Robert J. Machado, MSN, PMHCNS-BC
Bay Pines VA Healthcare System
Suzanne Foster
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Improving the Care and Financial Management of Patients Needing Close Observation
Karen Magarelli, RN, MSN
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Tracey Malast
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Glucometer Error in the Anemic Patient
Elizabeth A. Mann, RN, MS, CCRN, CCNS
US Army Institute of Surgical Research
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Economics vs. Patient Acuity? Which Provides Better Patient Outcomes?
Maria M. Marquez, BSN, RN
Sierra Medical Center
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Chill Them and They Will Respond!
Cindy L. Martin-Salinas, RN, BSN, CCRN, CSC
Kadlec Medical Center
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Transition of an Acute Psychiatric Facility to a Non-Smoking Environment
Allison Mason, BS, RN
JPS Health Network
Mei-Yi Lee
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The Recovery Transformation Project: From Day Treatment to STEPS OF LIFE
Brenda G. Matthews, BSN, MS, CPRP
Bay Pines VA Healthcare System
Nancy Maxwell
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The Big Chill-Induced Hypothermia
Tracey Ann Melhuish, MSN, RN
Holy Cross Hospital
Mary Naccarato
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Cardiac Catheterization Lab Quality Improvement: Integrating Evidence Based Guidelines to Reduce Door to Balloon Times in ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction
Beverly A. Mendes, DSc, APRN,BC
Hartford Hospital
Jeanne Bodett
Lisa Moriarty (Presenter)
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Utilizing a Central Line Cart to Increase Bundle Compliance
Jeannette (Jeannie) Meyer, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, PCCN
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital
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Changing Perceptions: Implementation of a Protocol to Decrease CAUTIs
Crista N. Minthorn, RN,C, MSN, ANP, BC
Hackettstown Regional Medical Center
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Model of a Pediatric New Onset Seizure Clinic to Improve Outcomes
Sally R. Monahan, RN, MSN, CPNP
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
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Positive Effect of Evidence-Based Nursing Strategies on Patient Outcomes
Judith Moran-Peters, RN, DNSc, CNA, BC
Huntington Hospital Center for Nursing
Barbara Lahey
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Effective Pain Management Promotes Positive Patient Outcome
Andrea R. Nolan CPT/AN, BSN, RN
Brooke Army Medical Center
Sarah D. Eccleston
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Quality Evaluation of the Structure of a USF
Michele Mandagará de Oliveira, Doctoral Student
Escola de Enfermagem da Universidade Federal da Bahia
Ione Carvalho Pinto (Presenter)
Valéria Cristina Christello Coimbra, Eneida Mandagará de Oliveira
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Hospital Lift Teams Keep Nurses at the Bedside
Patricia Anne O'Malley, PhD, RN, CNS
Miami Valley Hospital, Center of Nursing Excellence
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356 No Fall Days
Evelyn C. Overman, RN, BSN, MSNc
Kaiser Roseville
Kelly DiGiacomo
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If To Err Is Human - To Distract Is Inhuman
Tess M. Pape, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN, CNOR
Nelda C. Stark School of Nursing
Texas Woman's University, Houston Center
Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing
Abilene Christian, Hardin Simmons and McMurry Universities, Abilene TX
Abilene Regional Medical Center, Abilene TX
Rebecca D. Richard
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Tight Glycemic Control in Non-Critically Ill Patients
Gita Wasan Patel, PharmD
Medical Center of Plano
Nicki S. Roderman (Presenter)
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Nurses’ Knowledge of Evidence Based Practice
Dorothy M. Perron, RN
Fletcher Allen Health Care
Annette Parker (Presenter)
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The White Book the Family Health Team: The Nurse Collaborating with the Workmanship
Ione Carvalho Pinto, RN, MD, PhD
University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing, WHO Collaborating Center for
Nursing Research Development
Andréia Arantes Batista Guedes, Luana Alves de Figueiredo
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Acute Care Setting: Facilitators to Promote Evidence Based Practice
Rebekah L. Powers, RN, MSN
Midland Memorial Hospital
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Redesigning a Subcutaneous Insulin Double-Check Process
Jennifer Pribbenow, RN, BSN
William S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital
Virginia Olson
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Maintaining Normothermia in Surgical Patients
Christina Sarswattie Ramdeo, BA, RN, CNOR
Midland Memorial Hospital
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Affirming the Commitment to Patient Safety: A Fall Prevention Strategy
Beverly Rashad, MSN, RN, CNAA, BC
Overton Brooks VA Medical Center
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Improving Glycemic Control in the ICU with a Data Management Software Program
Charles C. Reed, MSN, RN, CNRN
University Hospital
Michael G. Corneille
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The Role of Education and Innovative Communication Tools in Improving Non-Verbal Communication
Charles C. Reed, MSN, RN, CNRN
University Hospital
Michele Sherman
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Impact of a Tight Glycemic Control Protocol in Critically Ill Patients
Nicki S. Roderman, RN, MSN, CCRN
Medical Center of Plano
Gita Patel
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Reducing Sepsis Mortality: A Collaborative Approach
Nicki S. Roderman, RN, MSN, CCRN
Medical Center of Plano
Hollie Gehring
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Creating an Information Fluent Culture for Evidence Based Practice Education
Judith P. Ruland, PhD, RN, CNE
University of Central Florida College of Nursing
Pamela Ark, Jean D. Leuner, Diane Wink, Jean Kijek
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What Leadership Behaviors Impact Staff Nurse Retention
Mary A. Scurlock, BSN, RN
Conroe Regional Medical Center
Rowena Sneather
View Abstract


Hepatic Arterial Catheter Removal: A Performance Improvement Initiative
Julie H. Segovia, RN-C, MSN
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Patricia C. Hasen
View Abstract


Coaching and Mentoring Support Staff Nurse-Driven Geriatric EB Project
Claudia DiSabatino Smith, PhD(c), RN, CNA-BC
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital
Geraldine B. Jones
View Abstract


History of Violence Screening in a Psychiatric Emergency Center
Lesley Ann Smith, RN,C
JPS Health Network
View Abstract


Creating a More Positive Work Environment for Nursing Students: Breaking the Cycle of
Horizontal Hostility
Terri G. Smith, RN, BSN
View Abstract


Implementing the Acuity Adaptable Care Model in a Pediatric Pulmonary Unit
Michelle M. Stephenson, DNP, MSN, RN
Children's Memorial Hospital
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Evidence-Based Tool to Assess Alcohol and OTC Drug Abuse in Older Women
Joanne S. Stevenson, PhD, RN, FAAN
Mount Carmel College of Nursing
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Education of the New Mother
Carla Ruth Stover, RN
Trinity Mother Frances - Hospitals and Clinics
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Implementing Hand-Off Shift Change at the Bedside Enhances Quality and Safety
Jill M. Tahmooressi, RN-BC, MBA, BS
Miami Children's Hospital
Adam Fader
View Abstract


Transition-PACU: Improving Throughput and the Environment of Care
Marian Bomba Thomas, RN, BSN, CPAN, BC
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Yolanda DeLeon Ayson
View Abstract


Delivery Models and Reimbursement: Can Evidence Override History?
Patricia L. Thomas, PhD, RN
University of Detroit-Mercy, McAuley School of Nursing
View Abstract


What Makes You Think I Am in Pain
Gretchen L. Umlor, RN ADN
Harris Methodist H-E-B
Sandi L. Price
View Abstract


Quality Improvement Project Utilizing Evidence Based Guidelines for Cardiac Surgical Wound
Dorothy M. Urschel, MS, RNFA, ACNP-BC, CNAA-BC
St. Peters Hospital
View Abstract


Innovative Approach to Managing Pediatric Migraine: What is the Evidence?
Polly Vaughan, MS, CPNP
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
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Bylaws Development Process for A Functional Committee
Mirian Vázquez-Ortiz, RN
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Lisa V. Johnson
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Rectal Diazepam vs. Intranasal Midazolam for Acute Management of Prolonged Seizures Without
Intravenous Access: A Synthesis of the Evidence Based Research
Melissa C. Whitesell, MS, CPNP-AC
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Department of Neurology
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Evidence-Based Quality Improvement in Curriculum
Vi Wilkes, EdD, RN
West Suburban College of Nursing
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Decrease in the Incidence of Retinopathy of Prematurity in a Level 3 Tertiary Neonatal
Intensive Care Unit
Julie Withaeger, RNC, BSN
Cook Children's Medical Center
Tammy Hoff, Barbara Greer
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