2004 SI Abstracts & Winners

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Summer Institute: Top 3 Poster Presentations

Top 3 Poster Presentations

  • 1st Place:
    Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in the ICU: Exemplar at Two Military Medical Centers
    COL Cynthia Abbott, AN
    Chief, Nursing Research Service
    Brooke Army Medical Center
    Lt Col Theresa Dremsa, USAF, NC
    Director, Nursing Research
    Department of Clinical Investigations
    Wilford Hall Medical Center

  • 2nd Place:
    Impact of Practice Change on Outcome: PICC Implementation Program
    Patricia B. Wolff, MSN, RN, APRN, BC
    Gay Padayao, BSN, RN, CCRN, OCN
    South Texas Veterans Healthcare System, Audie L. Murphy Division

  • 3rd Place:
    Facilitating VA Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation via On-Line Communities of Practice – The COLLAGE Project*
    Frances Park Matt, PhD
    VERDICT/South Texas Veterans Healthcare System
    Audie L. Murphy Division

Podium Presentation

Abstracts Selected for Podium Presentation

  1. “Safety Climate and Other Evidence-Based Predictors of Successful Implementation of an Intravenous Safety Catheter Needle Program”
    Dianna Lipp-Rivers, RN, DrPH, MPH, CNAA
    Lamar University

  2. “Clinical Application of Therapeutic Massage (Using the ACE Star Model*) with Persons Dealing with Multiple Chronic Conditions”
    Maria E. Kuhn, MA, MS, NCC, LPC
    Karen Curtin, RN, BS, CCM, CDMS
    Integrated Health Advocacy Program

  3. “Searching for Evidence in the Clinical Setting”
    Martha R. Harris, AHIP, MLS, MA

  4. “How to Weigh Benefits and Harm in Considering Therapeutic Options: The NNT and Alternatives”
    Lonnie Wen, PhD
    Pfizer, Inc.

  5. “Transforming Health Care Quality for Pregnant Adolescents in the School Setting”
    Carolyn Y. Davis, RN, MSN, CPNP, Doctoral Student
    Por Vida Academy

  6. “Change in College Smoking Policy – An Evidence-Based Approach”
    Kathleen A. Fagan, DNSc, RN, BC, APN, C
    Columbia University School of Nursing

  7. “Implementation of an Aggressive IV Insulin Protocol in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit”
    Camile Haycock , MS , RN, CNS
    Jennifer Keuth, BSN, RN
    Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

  8. “Child Visitation in the Cardiothoracic/Coronary Care ICU”
    Mary Friel Fanning, RN, C, EdD(c), MSN, CCRN
    West Virginia University Hospitals

  9. “Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice for Mechanically Ventilated Patients”
    Melanie Hardin-Pierce, RN, MSN, APRN-BC
    Pamela Lawson, RN, MSN
    University of Kentucky Albert B Chanlder Medical Center

  10. “Using the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Utilization as a Guide to Determine What We Know about Treating Obesity”
    Lindsay Hought, MBA, BS
    Kathleen R. Stevens, RN, EdD, FAAN
    The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio–School of Nursing

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