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University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

School of Dentistry
Center for Education and Research in Forensics
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229-3900
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The Symposium is 5 1/2 days covering all Forensic Odontology disciplines
Approximately 25% lecture and 75% hands-on workshops
Register for all week, Mon-Wed, or Wed-Saturday
October 24-29, 2016

Level 1 - Full Conference: Monday - Saturday = $1949.50 to include conference provided meals.
Level 2 - Monday - Wednesday = $1299.50 to include conference provided meals.
Level 2 - Wednesday - Saturday = $1299.50 to include conference provided meals.

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WORKSHOP 1: Dental Identification and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)
This two-day workshop combines instruction and hands-on experience in the areas of forensic dental photography, forensic dental radiography, forensic comparisons of antemortem and postmortem evidence, and disaster victim identification (DVI) management. Included are background and use of the dental identification software program winID3 and the integration of digital dental radiography with this software.

WORKSHOP II: Bitemark Analysis and Case Management
The Bitemark Management workshop includes lectures and hands-on experience in evidence collection (photography, DnA swabbing, pattern and 3-D information collection, etc); evidence analysis (overlays, microscopy, etc); and evidence presentation (report writing, courtroom displays, etc). participants will learn to produce, evaluate, and defend bitemark data.

WORKSHOP III: Abuse of Children, Adults, and the Elderly
This half-day workshop gives the participant crucial information for preparing to deal with the responsibilities of forensic dentists in recognizing, reporting, and intervening in cases of abuse. Background information, statistics, case reports, and technique instructions will aid attendees in developing strategies to return to their communities and make a positive impact. The goal is to reduce the level and severity of abuse and to impede the activities of abusers.

WORKSHOP IV: Expert Witness Casework: Analysis, Reports, Testimony
Instruction and information related to expert witness testimony will be followed by hands-on experience. participants will study a forensic case and some will be examined and cross-examined by attorneys in a courtroom before a judge.

WORKSHOP V: Forensic Pathology and Forensic Autopsy
Participants will observe forensic autopsy cases. The supervising pathologist will explain and demonstrate the procedure for determining cause, mechanism, and manner of death.

WORKSHOP VI: Dental Age Assessment (Age Estimation)
Following background information on different methods of estimating age, this workshop will provide participants hands-on practice using the computer program uT-AGE in estimating age by determining the level of 3rd molar development.