Nursing Advisory Council (NAC)

The Nursing Advisory Council (NAC) was established in 1983 to enhance the visibility and progress of the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Nursing.

NAC Mission
We are the BRIDGE to the COMMUNITY to generate financial resources, influence, awareness and partnerships that enhance and support the UT Health Science Center San Antonio SCHOOL OF NURSING and baccalaureate & higher degree nursing.

Five Major Goals of NAC
  • Gain financial support for the school
  • Create opportunities to engage nurses & improve public awareness of the importance of nursing, nursing education & the school of nursing
  • Actively serve as informed advocates in appropriate forums both public & private
  • Support school events & activities
  • Build relationships to attract, support & retain outstanding students, faculty, staff & administrators to the school.
2010 – 2011 Nursing Advisory Council Members & Emeriti
Chair: Gregg E Muenster
Laura Alvarado Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler Amparo Ortiz
Kristi Arlitt John Fuentes Patricia Pliego Stout
Martha Avant Toni Goldsmith Maria Cristina Rodriguez
Estella Avery Walton Gregory Phyllis Siegel
Martha Avant Anthony Hargrove Harry Smith
Kay Bashara Patty L. Hawken Yvonne Speer
Harold E. Batiste, Jr. Allison Kustoff Carol Swartz
Donna Block Hector Ledesma, Jr. Dana Terracina
Rosemary Breedlove Deborah Lewis Lewis Thorne
Karen Diaz Nancy Loeffler Wendy Tillotson
Robin Ford Dillard Janey B. Marmion Marilyn Weber
Marcy Doderer Nancy Miller Maria Wellisch
Veronica Edwards Jennifer Moriarty Tina York
Robin Ancira Patty L. Hawken Sue Turner
Louise Beldon Nancy Miller Neill Walsdorf, Sr.
Erin Bowman Maria Cristina Rodriguez Marilyn Stanton-White
Rosemary Breedlove Phyllis Siegel Linda S. Winston
Toni Goldsmith Marie H. Smith Barbara Wulfe
Anthony Hargrove Delight Tillotson