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Strategic Plan: Goals and Objectives

Culture of Excellence
Health Care
Community Engagement

Culture of Excellence:

Enhance the culture of excellence in the School of Nursing through innovative mentorship and meaningful recognition of the faculty, staff, and students.

Strategy 1: Develop mentorship programs that encourage professional growth of the faculty, staff, and students. Be an employer of choice that fosters talent and growth.

Strategy 2: Create events and opportunities to foster caring relationships amongst our School community (Faculty, Staff and Students)

Strategy 3:  Promote transparent communication

Strategy 4:  Develop the next generation of nursing faculty, student and staff leaders through continued education, professional development, and high-quality curricular offerings.

Strategy 5:  Increase recognition programs to celebrate outstanding contributions to the School's mission and vision and the nursing profession as a whole.

Strategy 6:  Sponsor at least 3 faculty, staff and students for a national level recognition award