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Strategic Plan: Goals and Objectives

Health Care


Organizational Effectiveness

Goal: Provide an effective, efficient and culturally inclusive infrastructure which embodies innovation, quality and professionalism to support faculty, staff and students as they fulfill the mission of the School of Nursing.

Strategy 1 - Create an effective organizational structure and governance model that supports collaboration, drives change, fosters trust, and enhances communication and cooperation.

Strategy 2 - Enhance a culture of change that fosters communication, trust and communication in all segments of the School of Nursing.

Strategy 3 - Strengthen cultural competent and proficient communications among administrators, faculty, staff, and students through partnerships with governmental, university, community, and inter-professional  organizations and  networks

Strategy 4 - Ensure a financial plan to sustain and advance the SON’s missions.

Strategy 5 - Adopt an environment of continuous quality improvement to evaluate and strategically update all classrooms and conference rooms in the School of Nursing to provide faculty and staff with state-of-the-art Instructional Technology (IT).