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Staff Handbook

Staff handbook Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Mission, Vision and Core Values
1.0 Introduction
1.0 Letter from the Dean
1.1 UT Health Mission, Vision, Core Values & Strategic Plan
1.2 School of Nursing Mission, Vision, Core Values & Strategic Plan

School of Nursing Total Program Systematic Evaluation Plan

1.4 School of Nursing Organizational Structure
1.4.1 Deans& Directors Contact Information
1.5 School of Nursing Governance Structure Information
1.5.1 School of Nursing Faculty Governance Structure: BYLAWS
1.6 Staff Governance Structure
1.6.1 Staff Governance Structure: BYLAWS
Chapter 2 - School of Nursing Operating Procedures
2.0 Office of Dean Overview
2.1 Office of the Dean: Organizational Chart
2.2 Office of the Dean: Position Description
2.3 Communications
2.4 Safety and Security
2.5 Facilities, Resource, Space, and Administrative Support
2.6 Faculty, Staff, & Student Incident Reporting
2.7 Meeting Managementn
Chapter 3 - Office for Faculty Excellence
3.0 Office for Faculty Excellence: Overview
3.1 Office for Faculty Excellence: Organizational Chart
3.2 Office for Faculty Excellence: Position Description
3.3 Rights, Responsibilities and the Faculty Role
3.4 Promotion, Tenure Procedures and Processes-Table of Contents
3.4.1 Tenants of Promotion and Tenure
3.4.2 Promotion in Appointment and Academic Rank
3.4.3 SoN Definitions of scholarship in Nursing
3.4.4 Procedures for Application of Promotion and Tenure
3.4.5 SoN mid Probationary Review and Appeal Guidelines
3.4.6 SoN Post Tenure Evaluation and Appeal (SoN Guidelines)
3.4.7 SoN Tenure Track Criteria
3.4.8 SoN Non-Tenure Education Track Criteria
3.4.9 SoN Non-Tenure Research Track Criteria
3.4.10 SoN Practice/ Service Scholarship Non-Tenured Clinical
3.5 Faculty Compensation
3.6 Annual Evaluation of Faculty
3.6.1 Annual Evaluation Faculty: Instruction
3.6.2 Annual Evaluation Faculty Forms
3.7 Faculty Workload and Assignment
3.8 International Programs Faculty
3.9 Faculty Compensation
3.10 Faculty Developmental Leave
3.11 Termination, Resignation, and Transfer


Travel Policies and Procedures
3.13 Faculty Pursing Doctoral Degree (DNP, PhD)
3.14 Faculty Development
3.15 Endowed Professorship
3.16 Faculty Emeritus Information
3.17 Maintaining CV
Chapter 4 - Office of Practice and Engagement
4.0 Office of Practice and Engagement: Overview
4.1 Office of Practice and Engagement: Organizational Structure
4.2 Office of Practice and Engagement: Position Description
4.3 Practice and Engagement General Policies
4.4 Faculty Practice Plan
Chapter 5. Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship
5.0 Office Nursing Research and Scholarship: Overview
5.1 Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship: Organizational Structure
5.2 Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship: Position Description
5.3 Research Policies
5.4 Guidelines for Support
5.5 Funding Resources
5.6 Research Approval
5.7 Research Tracking
5.8 Proposal
Chapter 6. Office of Academic Affairs
6.0 Office of Academic Affairs: Overview
6.1 Office of Academic Affairs: Organizational Structure
6.2 Office of Academic Affairs: Position Description
6.3 Course Coordinator
6.4 Track Specialty Coordinator
6.5 Student Employees
6.6 Teaching Assistant (TA) Hiring Process
6.7 Student Complaint Process-Academic and Non-Academic Concerns
6.8 Faculty Role in Assessment of Program Effectiveness
Chapter 7. Center for Simulation Innovation
7.0 Center for Simulation Innovation (CSI): Overview
7.1 Center for Simulation Innovation: Organizational Structure
7.2 Center for Simulation Innovation: Position Descriptions
7.3 CSI Demonstration Rooms/ Simulations