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Col. Jean M. Migliorino and Lt. Col. Philip J. Piccione Faculty Award for Research Excellence
Due Date: February 15th | Maximum Award $500
This award is intended to recognize research excellence and to provide research funding to a faculty member conducting clinical research.

The Rosemary Kerr McKevitt Memorial Research Award
Due Date: February 15th | Maximum Award $500
To develop beginning researchers and encouraging and assisting experienced researchers. Research may include projects related to nursing practice, nursing education, or nursing service administration. Projects may be in process or completed.

Nursing Science Mentorship Award for Doctoral Students
and Mentors

Due Date: February 15th | Maximum Award $500
This award is designed to support “umbrella research” in which nursing faculty conduct pilot or preliminary work that provides the environment, sample, instrumentation, or “spin off” capabilities for a specific doctoral student in nursing. Student involvement should entail more than library searches. Monies could be used to buy equipment, animals, instrumentation, supplies or other resources that can be used to conduct the mentor’s work, while developing the experience, expertise, and environment necessary to support the student’s pilot work and/or dissertation work. Funds may not be used to pay the student or the faculty member salaries.

Dean Scholarship Award
Due Date: August 1st | Maximum Award $5,000
The Deans Scholarship Award for Pilot Projects/Studies in Teaching, Practice/Service, and Research. Funds provided under this initiative are for preliminary work prior to full-scale proposals to strengthen the evidence for a larger project/study and/or assure the objectives are feasible.